Visit, which is a real estate website with a database behi

Visit which is a real estate website with a database behind it. Critically assess the site from a database perspective. Look at it from a specific view (consumer database manager database administrator data collector security manager realtor manager stockholder etc. etc. etc.) Pick one view and run with it. If you prefer you may evaluate the potential impact of this database including from a nontechnical (societal political and/or economic) and/or managerial standpoint. (Minimum length = 100 words) Alternative Assignment Lets try to do text mining. Locate a lengthy document (over 300 words) or website and run it through a word cloud generator such as WordClouds TagCrowd Wordle or similar. What can you deduce from the word (or tag) cloud? Share that with us (Minimum length = 100 words)”along with your word cloud. You can attach a Word document containing your conclusions and a screenshot of your word cloud.

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