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Virtual Black Cultural Art Events All SectionsNo unread replies.No replies. General suggestions include virtual attendance at a public reading of poetry fiction &/or other literature; virtual attendance at a public festival play &/or music performance; virtual attendance at a public museum. You might check out the Tacoma Art Museum for exhibits by and/or about black culture. You might also check out the NW African American Museum listed below. Northwest African American Museum(Links to an external site.) African American Museum NAAM ¦ Northwest African American Museum 2300 SOUTH MASSACHUSETTS ST SEATTLE WA 98144 206-518-6000¦Google+ page(Links to an external site.)·Be the first to review(Links to an external site.) 2300 S Massachusetts StSeattle WA 98144 United States +1 206-518-6000 This Virtual Black Cultural Art Event Exchange: Use this optional forum to share ideas of upcoming interesting virtual cultural art events to attend in preparation for the upcoming Mid-term Black Cultural Art Report in Week 5. When choosing events you will need to choose events at which an art by black artists is highlighted that you will define and describe. When attending these virtual black cultural art events youre asked to note specific concrete details of the art the artists the audience or intended audience and the place. It is especially important to describe the concrete details and to consider what they reveal. Who are the people that make up the intended audience? Who are the artists? What are the materials and message of the art? Where is the art displayed and who has access to this place particularly in non-pandemic times? What can you tell about race class and gender? Be specific. If people of all races classes genders sexual orientations are the intended audience describe concretely who you would expect to see. For instance is the intended audience primarily say 90% (or some other %) one race/class/gender/sexual orientation or another? What details would you note regarding class and gender? What would be the cost of the art and entry to view/experience the art? What are the labels used to name the genre of the art? Is it folk art? Fine art? Alternative art? How might all of these relate to what youre reading in our text? How might these relate to a history of institutionalized hierarchies of so-called norms oppressions and advantages and disadvantages? You will need to develop details that show. Youll need to consider what youve read about race gender sexual orientation and class and discuss these in shaping both the event (the art as well as the participants) and your experience of the event. You might also consider the function of the art in relation to race gender sexual orientation and class. Youll need to clearly identify what you see as the art the artists the audience (other visitors or attendees intended to view the art) and the place. Things to consider in choosing an event: Our text focuses primarily on race providing a context of the definitions history laws personal and systemic effects and actions that shape how we come to think of and be affected by those ideas. For some of us there will be information that is new and even shocking presenting many opportunities for rethinking what we have come to believe. The intent in this class is to read and discuss these ideas all the while keeping in mind the study of humanities which includes the study and practice of art. Over the course of the quarter we will be paying attention to the presence and role of art in our own and in others lives. What is it we (both individually and culturally) label as art? Perhaps its a thing: a painting a song a novel a poem a sculpture a ceramic bowl a mask a quilt a basket a building etc. Perhaps its an action: the landscaping: the landscaping of a private and/or public space the painting of a home or building a ritual the decorating of interior spaces. Or perhaps its a way of acting as in the art of relating to others to living to playing a sport to being a student to resolving conflict etc. The point in virtually attending black cultural art events for this class is to experience art in terms of race class gender. In choosing a black cultural art event you will need to define the art you want to experience and once virtually viewing the event you will need to note details of what you see as the art the artists the other intended observers and the place at which the event occurs. Furthermore your observations of the art artists other intended observers and place are to reflect specific details of race class and gender. In short it is up to you to choose the specific events keeping in mind that what you see as art in the context of race class and gender must be central to the event. It would also be good to choose an event that is in some way new to you. As stated in the syllabus you will be writing a mid-term formal black cultural art report on both course assignments and attendance this quarter at two black cultural art events. In preparing for this students are to have visited at least two varied black cultural art events of your choosing prior to Week 5. As suggested you might visit a museum a poetry or other book reading (check local bookstores the University of Washington the Hugo House etc. for any virtual events they are offering) an art gallery showing a cultural festival a music concert a play or other black cultural art event including any that may be held virtually through the Ft. Steilacoom and Puyallup campuses. Check your local papers public bulletin boards as well as this black Cultural Art Event forum on the discussion forum. When you go to whatever youve chosen consider what youve read about race and consider this in shaping both the event and your experience of the event. Note that it can be helpful to take notes on the spot. While notes are informal writing the Mid-term Black Cultural Art Report you submit to me is considered formal writing which you will develop with detail logic and polished clarity.

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