Transgender & Sports

USING the sources above and your own additional research write an essay please share your position on the issue of transgender policies in sports as well as how you think this complex issue will play out over the next several months until the Supreme Court rules on the case. Try to place yourself in the position of athletes transgender athletes sports administrators parents and fans in order to consider all stakeholders in your analysis. Be sure to carefully proof your work and follow APA format throughout. Higgins T. (2019 October 8). Supreme Court clashes over the meaning of ˜sex in LGBT discrimination cases. Milanovich A.Y. (2019 September 27). Transgender athletes deserve compassion but not the right to transform womens sports. USA Today. MINIMUM 1100 WORDS 7 SCHOLARLY APA REFERENCES. ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM OR GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. MUST INCLUDE PLAGIARISM REPORT ADDITIONAL TIME WILL NOT BE GIVEN FOR LATENESS OR REVISIONS. DUE JUNE 11 2021 AT 10AM EST

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